Monday, 4 August 2008


Broken fingers, too many beers, stacking shelves, no money, first and second and third and fourth draft, late nights, travel, emails, stacking shelves, too many beers. You know how it is.
We're at Manchester Zinefest at the end of august. Go to . Should be a lot of fun!
We're DJing on saturday in North Devon. Go to . Kasms, Pencil Toes and friends Load.Click.Shoot! are playing. If you're around, drop by.
New zines on the way, old zines will actually be for sale and we'll get it going.

Monday, 19 May 2008


Here's the last one from the symposium. A charming picture of our stall manned by the finest experts in the business. A bunch of boozehounds, loud mouths and twee pop affecianados taken by the leader of the pack, our rosette slingin' chum Heather. Did we tell you how much you should check out the link to her site on the right yet? Spot the cabbage for a prize. We regret nothing.

We also saw Remember Remember play with Mogwai. They gave out Rock Action samplers and the RR track is simply beautiful. Their live set was really good, a home made, cut, paste, noodle, melancholy, feel good show! Best new band we've heard in ages. Do yourself a fine service indeed -


Sunday, 18 May 2008


Long time, no speak. Heres something new.

We're currently attatching tapes to zines to be ready to be sent out into the world. We'll have an online distributor and stockists all over very very soon. Thanks again to everyone who's been in touch since the zine symposium/looked at our stuff on the web/enjoyed a zine they bought.

We dropped quite a few dollars on zines at the symposium and some of our favourites are more than worth a mention here! First up is anything made by the loveley hands of Heather Willams who's rossetes, zines and badges adorned our stall, but were some of the best things at the show and sold loads. Her What Do You Do zine is a technicolour collage of different contributors ideas/thoughts/feelings. Really, really wonderful. Check her out at right now. Sing A Rainbow by Gethan Dick was found nestled amongst a handful of nice zines, a collection of life writing based on colours of the raindow, printed on coloured paper, wrapped in card and bound with string in an edition of paper. A charming set of memories and experience that is really well written and looks absoloutley great. Get it at Tenement Publishing's first zine is University, another perzine that feels all warm inside and delivers naive, scared, enlightening adventures as the title suggests. Lots of content that holds several gleaming, wonderful sentences that set the writing apart from a lot of personal efforts. Email UK Zine Yearbook 2007 is a total must have that was picked up from the excellent Dead Trees And Dye stall. Big ol' compendulum of articles, recipes, rants, raves, proof that the UK zine scene is healthy and alive and offering a feast of different perspectives and ideas. Toby made it and you can buy it from Pete at Notable mentions also to Laura Oldfield Ford and her dark, grim Savage Messiah socio-zines which sketch an honest portrayal of London town. Cynical and angry and here - The latest Last Hours is the best we've seen so far. So, so good. They have found a perfect balance of culture and politics. We spent our formative years reading Rancid News and listening to The Filaments and even though we grew out of three chord anarchism, Last Hours continues to inspire and educate. A lot of good artwork, words, view of life in general to be found for cheap, and one issue takes about a month to get through! Essential - Also found a copy of Braindead issue four at the Punker Bunker in Brighton the other day, very funny, a little bit twisted, good, splodgy illustrations.

When you end up getting into a constant pattern of staying up late drinking ale and watching bands or listening to records, life becomes a hazy sprial of 2pm lie ins, too much pizza and no money left. God bless the higher education system. Mogwai at the Southbank Centre were totally incredible. They show no signs of slowing or getting any quieter. They played a lot of new songs which were some of the best yet. Some quiet, some skull crushingly loud, some searing and all encompassing and mesmerising. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Like Herod was mind blowing. Thank you once again, Mogwai. Got a great chance to see Thao And The Get Down Stay Down at the Luminaire, which was a quality venue for the blues pop stomper. Thao threw down warm, feel good pop which made everybody smile and dance. Shit N Shine at Corsica Studios was a blast of rhythmic drone intensity. 5 drummers played the same beat for 40 minutes while three guitars threw molten, sludgy riffs from a wall of Orange amps, chaning halfway through to three small keyboards each playing a seperate note, and that note only. Very loud, very hypnotic, left Corsica in a daze, a bubble of sound. Hurt ears, confused brain, big grin. Been a bit late on the No Age tip, but Nouns is excellent. Cant wait for their show with Ex Models next week. Our Sheffield brothers Half A Handshake are putting EM on up north for free. Go see. And with the sunshine comes a throwback, we're rolling and twisting and clapping to The Sonics and Shangri Las and Dillinger right now.

Thats about it. We just found which will be good good good.

More soon.


Saturday, 3 May 2008


A nice video of the zine symposium made by Simon of Fever Zine. Clock the Dans Le Matin stall at about the 39 second mark!


Wednesday, 30 April 2008


So, after months of laying down plans in emails and on blogs, we finally released some zines on sunday at the London Zine Symposium. Since October we've been writing of our upcoming publications, ideas, lots of details that have been delayed and delayed and now, we are pleased to announce, Dans Le Matin is launched!

The symposium was really excellent. The amount of stalls, people, magazines, pieces of art was amazing. Apparently 750-1000 people made it through the doors and we're not suprised. It was packed all day. It was very interesting to watch people browsing, buying, viewing our hard work and appreciating it. Thank you to everyone that stopped by our stall, picked something up, said hello. We were between Corndog and What They Could Do They Did who were really awesome. The whole day was reason to believe in zines/self publishing/DIY culture. A whole range of people turned up to enjoy the day, and as someone said on Collective Zine, it really was nice to see art kids and punk kids in the same space, sharing ideas and proving that there is a thriving zine scene in the uk.

Wine N Zines Mobile Distro also made its first appearance, getting through four bottles of fine sparshop white, many beers from the awesome little pub up the road and many bagels. We were joined by the excellent Heather and Owen, which was a pleasure and an eye opener as they bought some good zines to the table!

We've got three zines out. You can see pictures of them up here and on our myspace. They will be available to buy via paypal and in stockists up and down the country very, very soon.

More zines and news soon!


Monday, 21 April 2008


The symposium is coming and so are we! Our Dans Le Matin/Wine And Zines Distro stall will be stocking our first three releases, paper goods, art things and pretty prints by a whole host of others, including our good friends Owen Richards ( and Amy Martin ( We've got some wall space, a three foot table and a ton of wine. Its going to be a good day! Come say hello, we're flogging zines for cheap and giving out badges, flyers, big smiles and cups of cheap red for free. Well worth a stop over at the Rag Factory in East London on Sunday 27th from 12pm til 6pm.

We're currently putting the finishing touches onto our debut publications. They are all about Love, Twee Pop, Polaroids and Junk Mail. If we say anything more we'll surely jinx ourselves such has been our luck lately! Pictures and mailorder after sunday for sure.

Keep it roots reggae, real ale and photocopiers!


Monday, 24 March 2008


We are delighted to announce that we will have a stall at this years London Zine Symposium. Its on sunday April 27th at the Rag Factory in East London. We will be launching a set of zines along with some arty bits and pieces, details of which will be announced soon! We're psyched to have a stall and to finally be taking part in the symposium which gets bigger and better every year. Come say hello, check our wares and drink some wine with us!

Look out for the Wine And Zines stall!